1. Sign up for Animal Welfare Institute Action Alert.
  2. Donate to IUNC Redlist to facilitate species assessment
  3. Join local conservation efforts with Conservation International.
  4. Check out what The Nature Conservancy is up to in your area.
  5. More important than ever, we need to tell politicians the importances of protecting our environment. Sign the pledge to ask world leaders to stand with Climate Action. And to tell your congress to protect conservation funding.
  6. Here are some things we can do on individual levels to slow down climate change, according to United Nations.
  7. Here are some certified resources on green energy. Switch today!
  8. Read The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert. This extremly informative and digestible book has lots of case studies and interesting insights on this man-made episode of extinction.


Critically Endangered

A Constellation Guide to the Sixth Mass Extinction

A virtual reality visualization of our disappearing planet.

By Iris Qu | Source: IUCN 2016
Images: National Geographic


What is the Sixth Extinction?

    The Sixth (or Anthropocene) extinction is the ongoing event during our present time (the Holocene epoch) of species becoming extinct, mainly due to human activity.

    Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, its regular occurrence is at a background rate of about 1 to 5 species per year. Scientists estimate that the modern extinction rate could be as much as 45,000 times higher.

    In this experience, every star in the landscape represents a mammal species that’s either extinct, critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable according to the IUCN Redlist. Learn about each species by gazing at its star, and learn ways to take action if you are interested!

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How to Use

On mobile with VR viewer
Insert your phone into Cardboard and move your device to look around. You might want to stand up!
On a mobile device
Move your device to look around. You might want to stand up!
On desktop
Click and drag to look around.